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Star Equity Holdings, Inc., a diversified holding company, is committed to creating stockholder value through operating excellence, internal growth investments, and acquisitions.

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Digirad Corp. (DRAD) is now Star Equity Holdings, Inc. (STRR)

Business Divisions

Star Equity Holdings, Inc. has three business divisions: Healthcare, Building & Construction, and Real Estate & Investments.


Delivering Diagnostic Expertise Nationwide

Digirad Health, the Healthcare division of Star Equity Holdings, designs, manufactures, and distributes diagnostic medical imaging products. The division operates in three segments: Diagnostic Services, Mobile Healthcare, and Diagnostic Imaging.

Building & Construction

Modular Manufacturing and Structural Wall Panels

The Building & Construction division of Star Equity Holdings designs and manufactures residential and commercial modular units and structural wall panels for the New England and Midwest markets. Subsidiaries include: KBS Builders, Inc., EdgeBuilder, Inc., and Glenbrook Building Supply, Inc.

Real Estate & Investments

Real Estate Management
and Strategic Investments

The Real Estate & Investments division of Star Equity Holdings owns and manages the Company’s real estate assets and makes strategic investments.

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